Rickshaw, New Mexico

George Foster, a down and out Las Vegas private investigator in 2011, took a routine late night stakeout assignment that changed his life forever. Things went terribly wrong when an affair turned into a double murder, with George as the number one suspect.

Once at home, George drank to drown his sorrows, passed out, and woke up in a jail cell... 1886.

Somehow, George went from present day Las Vegas, Nevada to a one-street town named Rickshaw in the New Mexico Territory, a place with problems of its own. With no idea how he got there, George must adapt, survive, and find his way home.

The Hunted


Meredith Graye and Danny Warden went off for a romantic weekend in a cabin located in a small, isolated country town in the woods called The Hills. As they took a stroll in the woods, their idyllic weekend turned into a nightmare when they encountered two psychopathic brothers, who made Meredith and Danny their prey.

Cut off from the outside world and relying only on their wits, Meredith and Danny must survive the night.


The Curse

Patrick Lowery is a graduating senior at Milneburg State University with a bright future ahead of him. That changed one fateful day at a school fair when his life turned upside down. As his life worsens, he becomes convinced that he is cursed.

While researching the history of Milneburg State for its Centennial Celebration, he and his best friend, Grant Hoover, make a discovery that changes their lives forever. They find a picture from 1988 of a student who looks exactly like Patrick and could be a key to his past.

In his search for answers, Patrick learns that all is not as it appears and those he trusts the most are lying or hiding the truth from him. He becomes obsessed with learning the truth no matter what the cost.

It’s a matter of life and death.

The Acts of 1 - A Collection of Short Stories

There are times when a person’s life changes forever on one decision or action. Whether the choice is on impulse or well thought out, innocuous or major, these short stories of the paranormal and science fiction explores the actions and consequences of those decisions. Some of the stories are:

The Prayer – A teenage boy who gets in trouble for beating up a bully at school wakes up in the hospital the next day, badly beaten from losing the same fight he won.

The Note – A teenage couple each receive a strange note from themselves to meet at an abandoned house. Everything depends on it.

A Flash In Time – A store manager driving home in a lightning storm in 1999 and after a blinding flash of lightning strikes near him, he’s in 2011.

The Librarian – A librarian and her coworkers face the pending relocation of their library due to budget cuts and need a miracle to save their historic building.

The Immortals – A drama professor shows his class a recently restored silent movie that was once considered lost. There is more to this movie than meets the eye.


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