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Random Thoughts

From time to time, I come up with blog post ideas that never get written for one reason or another. Some ideas end up as brief thoughts, hence there isn't much to write. That's where this post comes in. This is a good opportunity to put them together. Let's have some fun.

- For some reason, my Instagram software crashes every time I try to upload a picture. I've done everything that Instagram recommended with no luck. Looks like I won't be posting anything to the Gram for a while.

- I came across a post in the KBoards Writer's Cafe. The topic was about the amount of dialog in the original poster's stories. Since most of my stories are dialog driven, the response to this post was encouraging.

- I recently reviewed the insights from my Facebook author page. When I make a post, it appears on only a handful of my followers' timelines at best. Hence, unless you pay for a boost, don't expect people to get your post. Hence, it begs the question: Why make any Facebook posts in the first place?

- lt's almost time to do the first edit to Lake Ramsey. This will be the first time one of my first edits will increase the word count of the story. There were some narration, description, and other things I forgot to put in the first draft.

- Today, I'm half tempted to write an entry in my other blog, Sports Trivia and Other Musings. Hadn't posted there in some time. In fact, I hardly post anything there anymore. It's not because I'm bored with it. It's because of the need to improve my time management when it comes to writing. I miss writing on that blog.

- Speaking of my other blog, four years ago, I wrote an entry titled, What You Want To Write vs What Wants To Be Written. Since then, I ended up writing Timewatch, but I didn't publish anything. Caretaker and Return To Origin are still unfinished first drafts. At some point, I'll take another shot at those two again. I'll let you figure out what I concluded from the title.

Have a great day!!!

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