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Second Chance Is Here!

Whew! It's done. My sixth e-book, Second Chance, has been published. It's a story about a man who lives in the past and would do anything to go back to 1987 and save those he loves most. Here is the blurb:

If you could, would you return to your youth and fix the biggest mistake of your life? Forty-six-year-old Gus Harrison would. In fact, he would do anything for that chance.

Gus lives his life in the past. Not only does he consider his time at Milneburg State University the best years of his life, he obsesses over the loss of his true love, Penny Neal, who was murdered one day after they broke up, and later, the death of his best friend, Dub Druber.

But Gus has problems of his own in the present. His fixation on the past caused him to grow apart from his wife, Marie, and he is forced to resign from his job. On the worst day of his life, Gus gets mugged after leaving work and ends up at the Milneburg Fair. There he encounters Old Petey, who presents him the opportunity of a lifetime, a chance to go back to his youth and make things right.

With this second chance, Gus must now go on the most important mission of his life. He must change history and save the ones he loves.

This was my 2013 NaNoWriMo project. Since then, I learned a LOT about the editing process and using what I learned from the person who edited Justice, I made it a point to use those editing methods on this story. What delayed the publishing of Second Chance, was a day job that takes up most of my time and losing my key beta readers, as well as not being able to afford my editor. But that's okay.

The e-book and paperback have been ready for a few days now. It's the hard cover book that took the most time to finish. I wanted all three to be ready when I made the official announcement.

One thing I want to bring up is the cover. Yes, it's amateurish looking and is nowhere near as slick as the one in Justice. That's what I wanted. I wanted the cover to reflect the main character, Gus Harrison's, immaturity and how messed up he made his life. Unlike a lot of book covers, what's on the cover actually occurs in the story.

In my Facebook posts, I've been recommending people read The Curse first. If you want to get the full effect of the story, then read the following books in this order: The Acts of 1, The Curse, and then Second Chance. Characters from the previous two books show up in this one and a chapter from The Curse and Second Chance intersect from different points of view.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Just click the titles which contain the Amazon and Smashwords links. Two of the books are on sale on Smashwords at 50% off. The discount code is SSW50.

Happy reading!!

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