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So What Do I Write Now?

I'm a member of the SOLA chapter of Romance Writers of America. I'm one of those members who isn't a romance writer, but that's fine. We have meetings once a month at the Jefferson Parish Library on the third Saturday of each month. If you're local and a writer, check us out.

At our May meeting, I decided to do something different. I usually bring my laptop to the meetings to take notes, but I didn't feel like doing that. Instead, I brought a binder and would take notes the old school way.

When the meeting started, the chapter president announced we would be doing writing prompts instead of having a regular meeting. Talk about good timing. It had been a while.

The exercise consisted of picking an Easter egg with a prompt inside of it. Those with the same color egg would work together and write a story outline. I picked a blue egg and it matched another writer, so we went to a nearby table and got to work.

Both of us quickly realized we weren't going to write an outline since we had incompatible subjects, so we worked independently. She wrote and outline of a story idea and I decided, since I'm a pantser, to ditch the outline and write a flash fiction story. It was originally a short story I wanted to write, but there was no time to go into depth with the descriptions or character developments.

When we finished, we had to read our outlines. In my case, I had to read what I wrote. Thankfully, though I hadn't finished when time was up, the other authors let me finish while they read their outlines.

It's finally my turn and I read my story. They liked it and offered some suggestions to make it better and I liked almost all of them. At some point, I'll edit the story and publish it when I have more flash fictions stories written.

To be honest, I really liked the exercise and I hope we do this more often. If you're a writer in the Greater New Orleans area, along with us, there are plenty of local writers' organizations. Take part and enjoy the writing experience.

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