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I write whatever comes to mind, so I write in different genres. Over the years, I've written in some form, ranging from writing memos for my district manager during my retail store manager days to inserting little stories and sports trivia into my daily reports when I worked for the State of Louisiana. I like to read a variety of genres, including science fiction, detective mysteries and whodunits, and stories by fellow indie authors.

Most of my stories take place in the fictional town called Milneburg. The state where the city is in is not named. The fictional school, Milneburg State University began in The Curse and is mentioned in the short story, The Immortals, as well as in other stories. Most of the soon to be published story, Second Chance, takes place there and some of the events in the story are related to The Curse.


In The Curse, I wanted to use my alma mater, the University of New Orleans, but it opened in 1958 and I needed the university to celebrate its centennial. There is a street at UNO called Milneburg, named after the city New Orleans annexed in the 1880's, so I used it as the university's name.  When I describe Milneburg State, I reference UNO from the 1980's. The inspiration for what Milneburg State University originally looked like, and the cover image from my ebook, The Curse, is shown below.


Now you have a basic view of the setting in my stories.

The Curse Back Cover.jpg
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