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Second Chance

If you could, would you go back to your youth and fix the biggest mistake of your life? Forty-six year old Gus Harrison would. In fact, he would do anything for that chance.


Gus lives his life in the past. Not only does he consider his time at Milneburg State University (the same university in The Curse), the best years of his life, he obsesses over the murder of his true love, Penny Neal, and later, the death of his best friend, Dub Druber.


However, Gus has problems of his own in the present. His fixation on the past has hurt his marriage, his family, and his career. His life is going nowhere.


On the worst day of his life, Gus gets mugged after leaving work and ends up at the Milneburg Fair. There he encounters Old Petey, who presents him the opportunity of a lifetime, a chance to go back to his youth and make things right. With this second chance, Gus must now go on the most important mission of his life. He must change history and save the ones he loves.


Sequel to Rickshaw, New Mexico

George Foster’s story is over…or is it? Not all is as it seems in the Timewatch organization. There is a traitor in the ranks and he is bent violating what Timewatch holds dearest and change history. What’s more, Laura Taylor has been kidnapped and stranded in Rickshaw, New Mexico in the 1920's with no equipment and no way of being found. Senior Agent Dean Haskell will do whatever it takes to find her and the traitor.

During that time, someone is trying to change history in Rickshaw again. With George’s help and the hope that Dean finds her, Laura must stop the change.