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There are times when a person’s life changes forever on one decision or action. Whether the choice is on impulse or well thought out, innocuous or major, these short stories of the paranormal and science fiction explores the actions and consequences of those decisions. Some of the stories are:

The Prayer – A teenage boy who gets in trouble for beating up a bully at school wakes up in the hospital the next day, badly beaten from losing the same fight he won.

The Note – A teenage couple each receive a strange note from themselves to meet at an abandoned house. Everything depends on it.

A Flash In Time – A store manager driving home in a lightning storm in 1999 and after a blinding flash of lightning strikes near him, he’s in 2011.

The Librarian – A librarian and her coworkers face the pending relocation of their library due to budget cuts and need a miracle to save their historic building.

The Acts of 1 - A Collection of Short Stories

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