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And Sometimes, You're Wrong

When I published Second Chance, I fully believed the cover accurately reflected Gus Harrison's immaturity in the story. Instead, it appears I'm the only one who sees the cover this way. No problem.

When I was a store manager, one of the things I was trained to do is to enter my store each morning with the mindset of a new customer. After a few minutes, I could adjust my displays and presentations to make the store look more appealing and the merchandise more ready to buy. I've been taking the same approach with my books.

My conclusion? The question I asked myself was, "Would the cover of Second Chance make you want to buy the book? I mean, really, if you knew nothing about the author or story, is the cover that appealing?" Reality (and some feedback) forced me to realize that the cover isn't having the effect I hoped it would.

Now what?

I may have found a new cover. It features a clock with leaves and flowers around it. It's more professional looking and more appealing. Initial feedback is good.

If the positive feedback continues, then I'll buy the cover and replace the old one. I like what the original cover designer, Ryleigh Murphy, did. However, other professional obligations prevent her from reworking the cover. So I'm forced to look elsewhere.

Again, I like the new cover idea. It's saved and ready to go. I'm holding out hope that I will fond a cover that accurately reflects what I want it to be.

I have faith. One way or another, success will be achieved!

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