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And Sometimes, You Were Right in the First Place


Yup. In my last post, I said I was wrong about using the existing cover of Second Chance and decided to replace it with another design. Well, I've been convinced to keep the original cover. It best reflects what's in the story. My possible replacements only reflect the time travel element, not the characters, which are the most important part of the story. Also, the person who convinced me is in the art field. She thought it was good. Then I remembered something I read about the cover not having to be super polished to work for a story, and the current cover works for this story. It best represents what's in the story.

The person on the cover is an old and young Gus Harrison. One side is his middle-aged, frustrated bordering on bitter self. The other side is him in his fraternity jersey from his college days. The Ferris wheel in the background is part of the Milneburg Fair where Gus gets his second chance. Again, key elements are there in the current cover.

What started my thinking that the cover doesn't cut it was seeing countless professionally done, highly polished book covers. That's not Second Chance's cover. It's not meant to be that way. As I said in a previous post, I wanted the cover to represent the main character, Gus Harrison's, personality. He is not a polished professional.

Therefore, I'll stick with the original cover for now and get more feedback from people who have nothing to do with me as an author and who are avid readers. I'll make the final decision once that is done.

Though I've been iffy about the cover, I'm confident about and believe in the story. Click the link in the italicized titles and see for yourself.

Remember, if you have Kindle Unlimited, the e-book is free.

Happy reading!!

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