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Here It Comes!

Greetings and happy Independence day! I hope your July 4 is a great one.

Second Chance is now ready to be published. The publication date for the e-book and paperback is July 10. I chose the date to honor the memory of my late big brother on his birthday.

A lot of work has gone into the book since my last post. I corrected errors, rephrased sentences, and filled in plot holes to get the book ready. It felt good to put in that kind of work again.

I searched high and low for a fitting cover. The best candidate turned out to be a homemade one. It visually represents how Gus Harrison lived life and dealt with his problems. It also visualizes his despair. I wasn't looking for a high definition cover like the one in Justice. I wanted one that gives the reader the feeling of how far he or she would go for a second chance like the one Gus got.

At the same time, The Curse will go on sale on Smashwords. Click the book title to get your copy. The best way to fully enjoy reading Second Chance is to read The Curse. Second Chance is a bit of a prequel to The Curse. Both stories occur at the same university and characters from The Curse make appearances in Second Chance, especially Popeye. Think of the stories as cousins. They're related, but one doesn't quite lead to the other.

Get ready! Second Chance launches on July 10.

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