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Happy Anniversary

It's been a year since this website went active. Thank you all for your support! Though my day job has taken up most of my time as of late, I finally have a little time to write something.

I wrote my first reflection paper this month. I had no idea what one was until this year. My early drafts looked like a cross between an argumentative writing paper and a blog entry. Of course, I went author on the final product. It started with "We have a problem." and it ended with a ray of hope. My grade should be posted within the next week or two.

My muse is messing with me. She's sending me story, character, and scene ideas when I'm too busy with my job to write anything down. Or she'll get me motivated to write a story and I have reports to write and other things to do. Then when I have the time, I don't remember any of the ideas. (Sigh)

A coworker saw a hardback copy of my book of short stories and wanted to read it. After lending my book to her, I remembered that I need to order more copies to have on-hand. That copy is the last I have for now.

Having said that, I'm also thinking about a paperback featuring The Hunted and Rickshaw, New Mexico. Upon first glance, it was had as many pages as The Acts of 1. The only trouble would be formatting, but it's a task I can handle even with my day job.

But what about the Upcoming Books section of the website? What about those books? They need to be published, too. Well, I'm looking for an editor I can afford and who will work with my style of writing. Otherwise, the books are almost ready to publish. Oh, I did make some progress with writing the blurb to Justice.

The first year of this website has been successful. I'm checking out some of the tools Wix has to offer to make this year even better.

On this first anniversary, thank you all for your support!

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