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Is It Time?

I just finished the latest draft of Justice, and even went hunting for crutch words and overused words. The numbers are good. The cosmetic changes I made are consistent and I'm wrapping up the formatting. I already finished the second draft of Book 2 in the Joel Brent series, Lake Ramsey. Second Chance and Timewatch as close to being ready to publish. They still have some editing that needs to be done.

Is Justice ready to publish now? Probably.

To be honest, I'm a little wary of clicking the Publish key and that's normal. I worry about missing an edit or glossing over mistakes just like every other writer.

I thought about having a pre-order promotion. The only thing is, I'm not as well known as I'd like to be. If Justice is a success, then I can have the promotion when it's time to publish my next book.

At this point, the book will be published only for the Kindle. If I get my website store up and running, then that will change. There will also be a paperback version of the book.

The goal is to publish Justice by August 31. Time to rock & roll!

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