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It's Done

That's right! I pressed the button. Actually, I pressed the button weeks ago. I waited until I published the paperback to make the announcement.

Justice is officially published!

I started the first draft as a 2014 Camp NaNoWriMo project. In 2016, I sent the fourth draft to a professional editor and it was an educational experience. She pointed out the most serious flaws in the mechanics and story telling, which I addressed. I even went through my other published books and fixed them up with what I learned from her. She also pointed out the good and best parts of the story, along with suggestions to make them better. I'm grateful for everything she did.

In the end, I had a total of eight drafts. While formatting the paperback, I made fixes or added needed elements to the story and did the same with the already published e-book. There were even adjustments to keep things consistent between Justice and Book 2, titled Lake Ramsey.

When it came time to push the Publish button, I was apprehensive and uncertain, but pushed it anyway. So far, all the feedback is positive.

To download or order your copy, click the Justice link either in this sentence or above.

I hope you enjoy the story and please leave a review.

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